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Our signature creations are a culinary masterpiece, carefully crafted to delight your taste buds. Each one tells a story of flavor and innovation, with combinations that will leave you craving for more. Whether you’re savoring our savory slow-cooked beef wrapped in a warm tortilla or enjoying the vibrant freshness of our vegetarian options, our burritos are a work of art.

Choose Your Base

Begin your culinary journey by selecting your base, whether it’s a classic tortilla, a hearty bowl, or a fresh salad.

Choose Your Protein

Elevate your meal by choosing from our range of protein options, from succulent grilled chicken to vegan chorizo.

Choose Your Starch

Customize your creation further by selecting your starch, including options like rice, black beans, or french fries.

Choose Your Toppings

Add a burst of flavor and texture with our diverse array of toppings, from crisp veggies to pickled jalepenos.

Choose Your Sauces

Complete your masterpiece by drizzling it with one or more of our delectable sauces, each crafted to enhance your burrito experience.

We Cater!

Experience the exceptional flavors of Blackbird Burrito Company at your next event with our catering service. Whether you’re hosting a corporate luncheon, a family gathering, or a special celebration, our expertly crafted burritos and culinary creations will impress your guests. We offer a range of customizable catering options, ensuring that every bite is a taste of perfection. Let us elevate your event with the same gourmet quality and upscale flair that has made us a downtown Columbus favorite.

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    Indulge in the extraordinary at Blackbird Burrito Co., where each bite is a delicious testament to our commitment to quality ingredients and culinary innovation, setting us apart as a must-try destination in downtown Columbus.